PhD. Eng. Marcelo Forets Researcher in Applied Mathematics. Developer.

Polytopes in Sage

In two months time, I’ll participate in Sage Days 84: Polytopes in Sage. The meeting will take place at the city of Olot in the province of Catalunya, Spain.

During my stay at Faber I would like to contribute to the Sage mathematical software project. Free software projects such as Sage, rather than a “solo” activity, evolve by virtue of the sum of efforts of individuals (developers, in the jargon). This represents a great opportunity to link with experienced Sage developers and to foster a sense of community. I’ll focus on improving the geometry and mathematical optimization libraries, and to write documentation. I hope these efforts will advance my own research projects/teaching, and also to be useful for people using Sage.

I look forward to these Sage days!

Olot visto desde el volcan Montsacopa. Fuente: Wikipedia Olot seen from mount Montsacopa. Source: Wikipedia